Mindset: Beginning Again

The hardest part of self-awareness is to begin again. When you want to take steps to set yourself free from your past, beginning again is the hardest step. And it starts with recognizing you want to change your life. It is the acceptance that people or things don’t bring you happiness or purpose, believe me,Continue reading “Mindset: Beginning Again”

Mindset: Pieces

Our past is pieces of our life. Some are wanted while others don’t serve our purpose. It’s so easy to hold onto the pieces of our life that’s comfortable, even though those pieces and patterns stunt our growth. What we are really holding onto is fear. Fear will paralyze us, and keep us in thatContinue reading “Mindset: Pieces”

Mindset: Trusting the Journey

Every day we can’t know what lies ahead, what purpose lies in store for us. Take the caterpillar for example. And how it stops eating, and it hangs from a twig and spins itself into a silky cocoon. Within the protective capsule the caterpillar transitions through many phases of growth then to emerge a butterflyContinue reading “Mindset: Trusting the Journey”

Mindset: Controlling the Chaos

Maybe this world has consumed enough of you. Maybe it’s recognizing how to control the chaos and being patient. And knowing when to pull away and find comfort in the soothing sounds of nature, the small things like laughter from others, like watching the sunset and listening to your breath as you inhale and exhaleContinue reading “Mindset: Controlling the Chaos”

Beautiful Chaos | Poetry

At that time, I thought it was you that I needed and I thought you would understand, but, I was wrong. I thought I needed to change, but, not if it meant losing myself. I’ve learned not to limit my beautiful chaos to keep someone in my life. My life are those beautiful electrical storms,Continue reading “Beautiful Chaos | Poetry”

Here and Now | Poetry

I found myself drifting back to you, back to those memories. And I don’t why I return to yesterday… to the places we had visited, to the words you used to say, revisiting those places and words that I cannot ever really go back to. Is it to heal myself? Is it to punish myself?Continue reading “Here and Now | Poetry”

Watercolor | Wonderment | Linda J Wolff

Must we stop daring to dream. I say no. I say we must always lookout for the presence of wonder. It could in the big things or the small things. But they are there for the the enjoyment, the creativity, and the dreamers. Hoping you’ll are having a gorgeous day, here in Seattle, Wa it’sContinue reading “Watercolor | Wonderment | Linda J Wolff”

Us | Poem | Linda J Wolff

I want you to know something. Wherever you are in life and whatever you’re doing, I will always love you. Even though we couldn’t make a go of it, life is too short to dwell in the negative thoughts, I have forgiven the past of us. Until my last breath and more, just know you’reContinue reading “Us | Poem | Linda J Wolff”