Hard Truth: The Disguise of Pain

Hard Truth: Disguise of Color Like a small monarch butterfly, I’m all colorful on the outside. Yet, my soul is dark and empty, heavy like rain clouds. Like a broken winged insect. I come here depleted. Like a broken winged insect, I was caught in the downfall and left on the pavement, soaked in grief.Continue reading “Hard Truth: The Disguise of Pain”

Poetry: Happy New Year 2023

2023 Poetry Muse… I am awake before the new dawn of 2023. There’s a small hum of people stirring, cars outside my window, yet, I feel there’s a profound energy I feel it on the horizon, and I am looking forward to this new life, and awareness that I have practiced in the last year.Continue reading “Poetry: Happy New Year 2023”

There’s Power and Clarity in Saying Nothing Sometimes

Saying less is like still flowers, beautiful, yet, valuable. Sometimes, I pull my voice, — my words back to the point of practice, and healing. Saying less or nothing is powerfully helpful, every thought that moves through my mind isn’t valuable to another. Every emotional feeling does not need the application of being voiced. IContinue reading “There’s Power and Clarity in Saying Nothing Sometimes”

Motivational Muse: Saturation & Transition

Poem & Audio about finding your light within… There’s something to be said about shadows and darkness, there’s depth in its absence of light. One could say fear or doubt reside there in those places like a soul lost on a perilous journey of bitterness, hate or blame, I understand how one could fall intoContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Saturation & Transition”

Shared Experiences

Quote: Remind yourself that all things balance out, in the end if you are open and vulnerable too it… My soul is the beautiful essence of strength and struggle, I will practice in understanding, in acceptance of the shared experiences of pain and joy. God bless and sending love to all.

Motivational Muse: That Moment

There’s that moment when you realize that every bit… of effort you have put into practice from learning how to love you again feels like a new seed breaking ground for the first time. That warmth of self flooding in the microseconds of time, and doubt has been dissolved and you burst forth through theContinue reading “Motivational Muse: That Moment”

Motivational Muse: Fade Like the Sun

The awareness of one’s presence is paramount. I watch as clouds etch color acrossthe horizon, and the sun bids farewellto another day, reflection’s yawn uponthe rippling water, and I am quieted into apause, is it possible to just stop, todrown into paint that bleeds? Can I shut off the noises from mysmartphone begging to distractContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Fade Like the Sun”