Motivational Muse: Fitting It All Together

Micropoem: I’ve come to understand all the pieces of me, how each singular piece has to fit, and how I align the edges of my reality. Anyone can walk to a empty beach like in the video above, void of people, voices, barking dogs… yet, to the ones that do, their perception holds a differentContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Fitting It All Together”

Motivational Muse: This Life

People can only be present in their time. It’s a hard lesson for us when we force something or people to change that’s not meant to be. It’s one I have learned few times over. I have stopped myself from forcing someone to change or to love me because I wanted them to change toContinue reading “Motivational Muse: This Life”

Motivational Muse: Invisible Distraction’s

I watched as they walked by, looking into the distractions… Looking into the deep depth of their smartphones. A flower box in front of a restaurant filled with a colorful collection of sunshine. Yet, no turning of heads, no eyebrows raised, nothing. But, I, too was invisible at times. I, an invisible bloom, no matterContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Invisible Distraction’s”

Motivational Muse: That Moment

There’s that moment when you realize that every bit… of effort you have put into practice from learning how to love you again feels like a new seed breaking ground for the first time. That warmth of self flooding in the microseconds of time, and doubt has been dissolved and you burst forth through theContinue reading “Motivational Muse: That Moment”

Motivational Muse: Practice Like a Spring Rain

One drop, then another. It’s the release, the learning in practice. Why did I think I needed to hold on to it forever? Me, the dark rain cloud. Me, so stubborn in the blindness. Me, with all that heartbreak, grief, and weighted sadness. One teardrop, a few raindrops, a slighted sprinkle. See, the sky knowsContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Practice Like a Spring Rain”

Motivational Muse: Opening

Light or joy can only penetrate if there is an opening. If we could open like a bloom and receive the light of hope and understanding, just imagine. Linda J Wolff Closed doors or closed hearts will sit on the dark side of the moon. In a cold, brittle state of mortality. What a lossContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Opening”

Motivational Muse: Obscurity’s

The fog obscures my vision, yet, I know there are other things that can have the same effect on me. The small bird on the curbside reminds me of how I can loosen my focal point. I use one word, “Distraction.” When my mind is clouded with the mist of overthinking, or stress. Maybe I’mContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Obscurity’s”

Motivational Musing’s: Transpire

How many lessons must we learn for life to become known to us… Let’s just say, I know what I don’t want anymore, I’ve come to recognize the sound and taste of decent, of going backwards instead of progressing in a forward motion. I know what peace feels like and how much I want toContinue reading “Motivational Musing’s: Transpire”