Woman Leaning | Poem

Can I trust myself to let go? The girl in the mirror reflection says no. Can I peel back the scars and tear at wounds of yesterday and know that this time it will be alright. You see, I can’t blame them, I must blame me, cause I allowed this heartache to be. I allowedContinue reading “Woman Leaning | Poem”

Us | Poem | Linda J Wolff

I want you to know something. Wherever you are in life and whatever you’re doing, I will always love you. Even though we couldn’t make a go of it, life is too short to dwell in the negative thoughts, I have forgiven the past of us. Until my last breath and more, just know you’reContinue reading “Us | Poem | Linda J Wolff”

Insanity | Poem | Linda J Wolff

I didn’t just love you, I loved every bit of your everything. That completes a person. It keeps them grounded in an chaotic world. Then when I realize that you didn’t love with your everything. I understood what the purpose of letting go stood for… I understood what makes a sane world go mad. InsanityContinue reading “Insanity | Poem | Linda J Wolff”

Echo | Poetry | Linda J Wolff

to love her isn’t enough. she must feel you deep inside where her chrysalis resides you must touch her butterfly wings without hands and fingertips, without words uttered. you must listen for the echo of her soul. echo | poetry | Linda J Wolff it isn’t enough just to say the words, love must deliveredContinue reading “Echo | Poetry | Linda J Wolff”

Boundaries | Quote | Linda J Wolff

Good morning lil Wolffies, I am in hopes that you all have had an amazing weekend! I did. I found that “Loneliness is only a state of mind.” After a recent break up with my boyfriend whom I’ve been seeing for quite some time, I thought I needed to fill the empty void of him.Continue reading “Boundaries | Quote | Linda J Wolff”

Sea of Love | Poem | Linda J Wolff

See how you look at me, like a lost soul in search of love, walk close enough and my breath is felt upon your neck? Feel the sense of it, how you turn to capture my kiss. See how I smile at you, and how your eyes glisten the cues we take on how toContinue reading “Sea of Love | Poem | Linda J Wolff”