Motivational Muse: Reflections

Micropoem: Reflective. A mirror that reveals more than presence outside the physicality of its surface. How many times have I looked at you, I am reminded of the years gone by, I am reminded of all the role’s of changes. Wow, I see the transformation through glass. Mirrored in the onset of tears. In theContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Reflections”

Motivational Muse: Voices

At any given moment your path could change… from challenges to self made choices from joy to sadness within microseconds. Yet, what should remain is the solidity of your faith the strength in your willpower aligned with a moral compass deep in the fathoms of love, and compassion for others as well as yourself. IContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Voices”

Motivational Muse: Practice Like a Spring Rain

One drop, then another. It’s the release, the learning in practice. Why did I think I needed to hold on to it forever? Me, the dark rain cloud. Me, so stubborn in the blindness. Me, with all that heartbreak, grief, and weighted sadness. One teardrop, a few raindrops, a slighted sprinkle. See, the sky knowsContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Practice Like a Spring Rain”

Motivational Muse: Opening

Light or joy can only penetrate if there is an opening. If we could open like a bloom and receive the light of hope and understanding, just imagine. Linda J Wolff Closed doors or closed hearts will sit on the dark side of the moon. In a cold, brittle state of mortality. What a lossContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Opening”

Perception or Outcome

Philosophy Quote It always begins with that one thought, and how we act upon it that makes a difference or not. It’s in the perception or outcome. React or Not to React I read a lot of interesting articles and reviews online and I am concerned, my heart feels sadness when my eyes read theContinue reading “Perception or Outcome”

Personal Development Series: A Pivotal Moment of Truth

There is a pivotal moment when one should react with a direct response. Listen to The Sense of Self Podcast: In today’s episode of “The Sense of Self Podcast: Personal Development Series,” Linda J Wolff talks about how dismissing or erasing another’s words or actions does more harm than good to one’s self-worth, to one’sContinue reading “Personal Development Series: A Pivotal Moment of Truth”

Personal Development Series: Opening the Vulnerabilities of Your Soul

You yearn for love, but, will you risk opening your soul to vulnerability to acquire the full depth of its entirety. You yearn for love, but, will you risk opening the depths of your soul to gain the fullness of what love could offer you. Inside today’s episode of The Sense of Self Podcast: PersonalContinue reading “Personal Development Series: Opening the Vulnerabilities of Your Soul”

Personal Development Series: The Mirrored Response

Think about a mirror, about how you see yourself in the reflection. Now think about the confrontations you have with other people. Inside this episode of The Sense of Self: Personal Development, Linda J Wolff will speak about “The Mirrored Response” and the impulse reflex we use when someone attacks or confronts us verbally, andContinue reading “Personal Development Series: The Mirrored Response”

Personal Development Tips: Fulfilling Dreams

Listen to The Sense of Self Podcast There is something rewarding in fulfillment, in knowing that you used your time and energy in a way that created success and prosperity for you, and yet, also brought happiness to others in a service or product. Yes, I do understand the challenges this asked of you, theContinue reading “Personal Development Tips: Fulfilling Dreams”