Poetry: Happy New Year 2023

2023 Poetry Muse… I am awake before the new dawn of 2023. There’s a small hum of people stirring, cars outside my window, yet, I feel there’s a profound energy I feel it on the horizon, and I am looking forward to this new life, and awareness that I have practiced in the last year.Continue reading “Poetry: Happy New Year 2023”

There’s Power and Clarity in Saying Nothing Sometimes

Saying less is like still flowers, beautiful, yet, valuable. Sometimes, I pull my voice, — my words back to the point of practice, and healing. Saying less or nothing is powerfully helpful, every thought that moves through my mind isn’t valuable to another. Every emotional feeling does not need the application of being voiced. IContinue reading “There’s Power and Clarity in Saying Nothing Sometimes”

October Affirmation: Openness

Remain as if you are a bird, open and free to a sky of possibilities. I have to take value in the lessons, my god, how much they have made me appreciate the maturity level that comes with time. I am no longer afraid to let go of the people who do not bring depthContinue reading “October Affirmation: Openness”

Storyline: Dreadlocks with Long Tales

Story: The man next door has dreadlocks, and wears nothing from his waist up in the wee early hours of the morning. I’ve come to know him as Jim. His dreadlocks dance with exciting tales. His late wife left an interesting and sad one in them. Yet, when he says hello with his kind heart,Continue reading “Storyline: Dreadlocks with Long Tales”

Simile: Personal Clothing Choices

Simile in disguise. We wear distractions like clothing items. Everyday, a smartphone is an accessory, Draping the visual like earrings— hanging extensions of our being, a casual sweater… doubt shadows dreams. The handbag or travel bag packs in our past and history. I hope you can understand where I’m traveling with these words? —Linda JContinue reading “Simile: Personal Clothing Choices”

A Peaceful Poem: Practice

A poem with peace. No ocean stays calm, no sky stay calm, Calm isn’t about emotions being peaceful, calm. It’s the soul, not the atmosphere. My emotions are the ripples of the ocean, amidst the storm of the bluing sky. How is it possible to remain calm within all this commotion? Yet, I do. —Continue reading “A Peaceful Poem: Practice”

Motivational Musing’s: Admission

Do you find it hard to admit that you are not okay? I have to admit to myself, and sometimes to others that I’m not okay. It’s an honest move, it’s strength. Recognition is the sensing a pattern movement in that part of your mind that says, this isn’t good for me or I mustContinue reading “Motivational Musing’s: Admission”