Boundaries | Quote | Linda J Wolff

Good morning lil Wolffies, I am in hopes that you all have had an amazing weekend! I did. I found that “Loneliness is only a state of mind.” After a recent break up with my boyfriend whom I’ve been seeing for quite some time, I thought I needed to fill the empty void of him.Continue reading “Boundaries | Quote | Linda J Wolff”

Eleven Blackbirds | Poem | Linda J Wolff

Break the wings of a broken bird, cage it, and view a slow death, or throw seeds upon a murky ground puddle a pool of tears, watch wings spread, mend, open a window and set it free. Dawn awakens the dead, a once broken winged bird brings eleven friends. eleven blackbirds | Linda J Wolff

Neon Rain | Poem | Linda J Wolff

Neon Rain Poem by Linda J Wolff After the rain, neon frames blur a stigma of the night. Umbrellas, and I, repelled, the shear chill and degrading disparage cast. The succession of pitch, how it connects and I, omitted the mannerism of its intentions. I, thrust aside a shift of emotions, walking softly lifting feetContinue reading “Neon Rain | Poem | Linda J Wolff”