Childlike Victims | Poem

They say poetry should be about things you don’t want know one to know. So here I go. When I was fourteen, I had to hide. A walk to the store. I didn’t know you had to wear fear like clothing. Drape yourself in a long dark trench coat of shadows And know that theContinue reading “Childlike Victims | Poem”

Ripple Effect | Poem

That night…she found herself in the rippling current of despair. An argument with her daughter. An analogy of respect and responsibilities. A way out through an open door. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. She was caught at the crossroads with her daughter between childhood and being a teenager. Emotions an increasing storm. A short walk to theContinue reading “Ripple Effect | Poem”

Beautiful Chaos | Poetry

At that time, I thought it was you that I needed and I thought you would understand, but, I was wrong. I thought I needed to change, but, not if it meant losing myself. I’ve learned not to limit my beautiful chaos to keep someone in my life. My life are those beautiful electrical storms,Continue reading “Beautiful Chaos | Poetry”

Here and Now | Poetry

I found myself drifting back to you, back to those memories. And I don’t why I return to yesterday… to the places we had visited, to the words you used to say, revisiting those places and words that I cannot ever really go back to. Is it to heal myself? Is it to punish myself?Continue reading “Here and Now | Poetry”

Reflections | Poem | Linda J Wolff

There are times when life or love feels burdensome and suffocating. Give yourself permission to step back and reflect. Give yourself permission to find the value and worth you hold. Take that step back before you return or move forward. Remember you are worth it. Reflections | Poem | Linda J Wolff Something, I sometimesContinue reading “Reflections | Poem | Linda J Wolff”