Deaden | Poetry | Linda J Wolff

i toughen under the strain of loss. it stole something from me. i used to be so embedded emotionally i’d fall apart completely. but now the rain has found its river bed. of course, i love the ones that support me. i just struggle sometimes to reveal me. these scars get in the way. iContinue reading “Deaden | Poetry | Linda J Wolff”

Oneness | Poem | Life

Oneness. The bloom that has come into its being, perceiving, experiencing. The infinite paradox of self-love. LINDA J WOLFF A flower bud with many parts. I experienced all the smaller parts of myself, the sorrows and joys, fears and love, worries and happy moments. And every time a part of me got tired of theContinue reading “Oneness | Poem | Life”

Oneness is Strength | Poem | Life

Knowing your strengths is what infuses humbleness. Not using your strengths is what infuses behavioral insecurities. LINDA J WOLFF Knowing the truth about ourselves is a game changer. It changes everything throughout our lives. The way we see things, the way things smell, and even the way we perceive things. We all have that “secret”Continue reading “Oneness is Strength | Poem | Life”

Diffuse | Poem | Life

Diffuse…To spread light through the soul. Diffuse POEM BY LINDA J WOLFF i scattered lilac blossoms at the base of every balcony permeate i told the wind i want to use you i open every window in the apartment complex go i told the fragrance everyone is coming out, whisper, flirt, and no one isContinue reading “Diffuse | Poem | Life”

Resistance | Poem

of all those winding roads I’ve driven you’re the one of least resistance. How is it some people are just easier to get along with? I’m gonna find the ones that make life a joy, the minute they open their eyes in the morning it’s a blessing, it’s sunshine. Even through a downpour they seemContinue reading “Resistance | Poem”

Scars | Poem | Life

Scar…an isolated mark left in the heart doesn’t have to remain. Scars Poem by Linda J Wolff If the lessons scar then seeds will burst and growth will begin again.   An everyday day reminder what’s down must rise. Growth is in it’s learning and blessing are in its growth. scar upon the mind leftContinue reading “Scars | Poem | Life”