Motivational Muse: An Adaptation

Micropoem: The length of time the fog lingers could determine one’s state of mind. The length of time in which the fog lingers could determine ones state of mind. I see the depth of mist in their minds. I’ve felt that weight. Either the longevity or the quick shift from the frigid cold depths ofContinue reading “Motivational Muse: An Adaptation”

Motivational Muse: This Life

People can only be present in their time. It’s a hard lesson for us when we force something or people to change that’s not meant to be. It’s one I have learned few times over. I have stopped myself from forcing someone to change or to love me because I wanted them to change toContinue reading “Motivational Muse: This Life”

Motivational Muse: Invisible Distraction’s

I watched as they walked by, looking into the distractions… Looking into the deep depth of their smartphones. A flower box in front of a restaurant filled with a colorful collection of sunshine. Yet, no turning of heads, no eyebrows raised, nothing. But, I, too was invisible at times. I, an invisible bloom, no matterContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Invisible Distraction’s”

Motivational Muse: Making’s of a Life

The Power Within Us is to know when we get knocked down to get up again, to take each step in life, take it in stride with all its obstacles, and the magic that comes in our learning that life is an adventure. There may be hurdles and bends to address but, we are resilientContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Making’s of a Life”

Motivational Muse: Voices

At any given moment your path could change… from challenges to self made choices from joy to sadness within microseconds. Yet, what should remain is the solidity of your faith the strength in your willpower aligned with a moral compass deep in the fathoms of love, and compassion for others as well as yourself. IContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Voices”

Motivational Muse: Fade Like the Sun

The awareness of one’s presence is paramount. I watch as clouds etch color acrossthe horizon, and the sun bids farewellto another day, reflection’s yawn uponthe rippling water, and I am quieted into apause, is it possible to just stop, todrown into paint that bleeds? Can I shut off the noises from mysmartphone begging to distractContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Fade Like the Sun”

Healing Poem

Letting go is loving the very pieces that hurt. … with reading those words from you, you have no idea of how they cut into the flesh of my soul. but, who was to control what comes and what goes, I couldn’t force you to see all that I am, that would take time andContinue reading “Healing Poem”

Motivational Musing’s: Acceptance in Loneliness

Do you resist loneliness so much that it creates desperation… and drives you to lose that part of yourself that’s sane? For myself, I have been there. Yet, these days I have learned to stop resisting loneliness. Oh, I understand that miserable feeling that swoops in and tries to consume you. Through time and practiceContinue reading “Motivational Musing’s: Acceptance in Loneliness”

Motivational Musings: Saturation’s

How much chaos can you absorb until… you realize that overwhelming desire to change the landscape of your mindset. I use one word, “Recognition.” When my soul feels so heavy like a burdensome rock that I have chosen to carry, I can’t bear for another second the weight of those choices and knowledge that whatContinue reading “Motivational Musings: Saturation’s”