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Episode 1: The Shape of a Cocoon

“How do I rewire the brain after an emotional challenge?”, Bianca asks. I share with her the similarities of a cocoon and the inner child and how transformation takes place.

Grab a Self-Help Healing Book

Sometimes, it’s hard to recognize that we need help. I am guilty of that too. We find ourselves in that place where its hard to get out of our head.

“Ethereal Glow or Self-Healing Poetry & Quotes for Ordinary People” is a collection of poems that have helped men and women rethink overthinking. Through each poem you’ll find a new perspective of what chaos is and how it can only be a temporary thing.

You will find yourself in a journey outside of your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll find your muscles relaxing as you ease into each sentence, each stanza. Your mind will float to that place of soothing calm.

When you purchase your copy, make sure you sit down in front of a window, and make sure you have a hot steaming cup of tea or coffee.