Motivational Muse: Obscurity’s

The fog obscures my vision, yet, I know there are other things that can have the same effect on me. The small bird on the curbside reminds me of how I can loosen my focal point. I use one word, “Distraction.” When my mind is clouded with the mist of overthinking, or stress. Maybe I’mContinue reading “Motivational Muse: Obscurity’s”

Motivational Musings: Answers

Those answers have been there all along. It starts with being honest with yourself, with recognition of the inner workings of truth. I know how hard was to admit to my flaws, and how with practice the way I choose differently now in the manner I speak, in the my actions. Recognition is a beautifulContinue reading “Motivational Musings: Answers”

Sky Notes… a Poem

There is something to being consistent — Yet, offering variations like the sky, reminds me of how my emotions once ran blue, crystal clear with clarity. Other days, I am a storm with thunderous passion it was eminent that I have my way, even though I could be wrong Yet as the days wander intoContinue reading “Sky Notes… a Poem”

Personal Development Series: The Mirrored Response

Think about a mirror, about how you see yourself in the reflection. Now think about the confrontations you have with other people. Inside this episode of The Sense of Self: Personal Development, Linda J Wolff will speak about “The Mirrored Response” and the impulse reflex we use when someone attacks or confronts us verbally, andContinue reading “Personal Development Series: The Mirrored Response”

Mindset: From Here There’s Perspective

Step outside of a comfort zone and find a new adventure in the foothills of the mind. I’ve taken those steps. Those thousands of footprints in the foothills of time just to come to the same comfortable place. But, not this time. I’m going to go beyond, that same place. I’m going to forge everyContinue reading “Mindset: From Here There’s Perspective”

Mindset: I’ve Been Here Before

Repeat a behavior or bring a pattern of thinking and you will find yourself on the same lone path… I’ve been here before. Down the same winding path to that part myself, The part that refuses to acknowledge change. Those bends, and rough edges where you fall hard, get back up and try again. But,Continue reading “Mindset: I’ve Been Here Before”

Mindset: How much Emptiness?

Inside each one of us is light; when we have fallen and want more than emptiness is when we will grasp at the small particles of hope. Oh, how we subdue what is to conquer if only we could diminish our darkness and bring it into subjection. And watch it vanish with time and practice.Continue reading “Mindset: How much Emptiness?”

Mindset: Honey Bee & Purpose

Do what is necessary, what helps you survive and succeed. Let’s look at the honey bee. The honey bee has a purpose, to pollinate trees and flowers. And the most sweetest thing of all, it’s delicious honey. The honey bee doesn’t squabble over drama, over challenges in this world. It’s focused on one purpose. It’sContinue reading “Mindset: Honey Bee & Purpose”