Personal Development Series: The Stalker & Me

Remind yourself that what is troubling them is something you don’t need to take ownership of… Inside this episode of The Sense of Self Podcast: Personal Development Series: The Stalker & Me, Linda J Wolff speaks about her experience of running into a stalker she thought she had evaded and now, he has reappeared andContinue reading “Personal Development Series: The Stalker & Me”

Personal Development: The Fog of Overthinking

Overthinking is like the fog, like thoughts suspended in an atmosphere of chaos. Let me explain or listen to The Sense of Self Podcast; Personal Development Tips – The Fog of Overthinking Let’s think about the fog and what it does to the landscape, think about a forest and how you love walking through theContinue reading “Personal Development: The Fog of Overthinking”

Personal Development Tips: Fulfilling Dreams

Listen to The Sense of Self Podcast There is something rewarding in fulfillment, in knowing that you used your time and energy in a way that created success and prosperity for you, and yet, also brought happiness to others in a service or product. Yes, I do understand the challenges this asked of you, theContinue reading “Personal Development Tips: Fulfilling Dreams”