Mental Clarity: One Life, One Mind

Your strongest asset is you.

“There is no greater validation than the one that begins with self.”

You have only one life, don’t take too long understanding the mental clarity of owning it, living it, and making it the most life-altering experience of a lifetime.


When you can live in each relatable minute, hour, or day. And you take claim in owning it knowing that there will be days that challenge your mental clarity, yet, you know-how to process the emotions that stir inside your mind.

And you are reminding yourself that this moment is only a temporary thing that it will not define you or the day you are experiencing.

Because you know beautiful things like life are meant for creating magic in the vibration of the spirit.

And may you fill laughter and joy erupt inside knowing that you transitioned quietly and peacefully through that challenge.

I am LINDA J WOLFF, life coach and author of ETHEREAL GLOW. A self-awareness poetry book now available on Amazon.

Mindset: The Spirits Vibration

Mental clarity is recognizing the need for change.

When we can recognize there’s a need for change and be open to the subtle whispers of our mind, body, and spiritual presence.

We can then be open to evolving into the growth of our mindset. We ask something of ourselves to go deeper inside the vibration of our spirit.

Our spirit’s vibration always seeks peace, yet, we find ourselves at war within, in constant inner turmoil; it’s because we don’t listen to the essence of our soul’s needs.

Your spirit will break and fall, time after time, yet, you can rise, evolve, grow, and heal with a renewal of joy in life to start again.


Linda J Wolff, author & life coach. Motivational Speaker

Ethereal Glow: How to evolve, grow, heal, and love.

Mindfulness: Reaching for Insight

A child’s behavior is curious, and that sparks the inquisitive nature on the path of learning.

What if we could always keep our minds insightful and inquisitive like a child. The child that learns of heartache, yet, forgives, still refuses to stop loving, and living.

To the blooms of tomorrow, may we always reach for them and the new ways of living in the presence of learning.

Linda J Wolff

Linda J Wolff, author & life coach. Motivational Speaker

Ethereal Glow: How to evolve, grow, heal and love.

Mindset: Price of Fear

One can hold their life in jeopardy at the price of being swallowed up in sorrow or anxiety.

Happiness shouldn’t come attached to the label of fear—a pricetag of unpleasantness, sorrow, heartache, and anxiety. The ups and downs of life are unavoidable.

It’s how we react to those moments that can create more tension inside our mind, body, and spirit. It’s possible for the reason to feel more at ease with reasoning.

If we take a step back and understand that nothing last forever and we must live in the presence of moments in front of us unattached to expectation or assumptions.

Happiness is letting go of the control of fear and allowing wisdom to enter your mind fluidly, creating a space of mental freedom.

Sending love to all of you…

Linda J Wolff |Author, life coach, and motivational speaker.

Ethereal Glow Poetry Book is available on Amazon


Mindset: Rooted in Reality

When we stay balanced in mind, body, and spirit we are rooted in our reality.

I took this photo on one of my hikes. It stood out to me. It reminds me of our spiritual presence and how our soul is the center of our being.

Look at the photo and look within the root system of the trees. There is a decaying part of an old tree, but yet life is sustainable from history, and life extends upward and outwardly from its root basis.

Theory: When we stay balanced in mental and physical health, our soul is our root system in reality.

Linda J Wolff | Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Ethereal Glow Poetry Book is now available on Amazon


Mindset: Authenticity in Self-Worth

When one can not understand their pain or the inner turbulence of emotions, it’s easy to fall.

Yet, when we can commit to understanding the emotions we are feeling, we can give 100% to our reality; no one can change what you know of yourself but you, what keeps you grounded, and the truths of your existence.

Linda J Wolff | Author of Ethereal Glow | Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Ethereal Glow Self-Help Book is available on Amazon.


Mindset: Do You!

Know your reality and the things that quench your thirst for living.

I hope you know that you don’t have to offer any explanation for the things that you love.

Like the things you love to listen to, the music or genre of music, or how you love to sing to it at the top of your lungs.

Or for wanting to learn things that no one else wants to learn or why you smile or laugh about.

All I want you to remember is you don’t need to justify to another human being want makes you do you!

Linda J Wolff | Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaking

Ethereal Glow Self-Help Poetry Book is available on Amazon

Mindset: A Deep Place

A poem with a deep message of self-healing.

A Deep Place

Long stems waffle in
the soft breeze.
Lavender petals stir
the fragrance of melancholy,
A lighthouse dims on the
edge of minutes
and I drink in the ocean
before me, I, like the
depth of its intensity.

I wonder if its abyss
moves and feels as much as I do,
such strength and calm at times,
or capabilities, this profound
clarity on the moment of making
a heartfelt decision.
And here, I stand, knowing of
it’s outcome.

— Linda J Wolff

Thoughts: A woman and a choice that will makes waves…

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Mindset: Destination Home

Searching for answers begins inward.

Choose a path that illuminates your light. That kind of light that resonates a depth of who you are throughout your mind, body, and soul.

Choose to refuse the voice of doubt; connect with your courage. Do not let the thought of normalcy get in the way of finding you; it’s not going to be easy, challenges may arise. Pull from the inner energy you have deep down within you.

Lean in hard with all the determination, knowing in doing so your mission is bound to great things; bound to creating a force and light of the real you.

What matters is the belief you have in yourself.

Now go forward in this day and bring the best of yourself and watch how your light shines.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker