Motivational Muse: Practice Like a Spring Rain

One drop, then another. It’s the release, the learning in practice.

Why did I think I needed to hold on to it forever?

Me, the dark rain cloud. Me, so stubborn in the blindness.

Me, with all that heartbreak, grief, and weighted sadness.

One teardrop, a few raindrops, a slighted sprinkle.

See, the sky knows of how to transition, how to recognize that I’ve carried this burden far too long.

My soul, needed watering, the dry, brittleness of my roots yearning for release of darkness — pain. That pain filled with so much anger.

Learning to practice, to sprinkle raindrops, to let go and watch the rainbow’s fill my soul.

Yes, that’s where it is…

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach

Motivational Muse: Opening

Light or joy can only penetrate if there is an opening.

If we could open like a bloom and receive the light of hope and understanding, just imagine.

Linda J Wolff

Closed doors or closed hearts will sit on the dark side of the moon. In a cold, brittle state of mortality.

What a loss how power and greed can make the soul shattered.

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach

Motivational Muse: How Many Times

Another milestone, another step, she found the view from every perspective so worth while, so profoundly beautiful

How many challenges does it take, how many heartache’s and here you are doing life better than you did a year ago

Smiling that smile knowing that in every step of the way there was value gained. You didn’t look back and allow fear to consume you, you forged forward in all that pain.

Oh, how your heart swelled with joy with the thoughts that everything is possible with a little perseverance.

Linda J Wolff

Motivational Muse: Obscurity’s

The fog obscures my vision, yet, I know there are other things that can have the same effect on me.

The small bird on the curbside reminds me of how I can loosen my focal point.

I use one word, “Distraction.”

When my mind is clouded with the mist of overthinking, or stress. Maybe I’m the vapor of particles suspended in a murky concentration of life.

I hate when I find myself there, when my path is distorted. Recognizing that pivotal moment you’ve lingered to long, snap, change it up.

I need to allow the sun to leak in, to warm my thoughts, to recognize I’m waffling in wasted time. Nothing is going to come of this if I stay in this state of confusion.

Now comes “clarification.”

It’s time to repurpose, get back on the road, clear the mindset of cloudiness and drive thru the foggy mist.

Snap, coffee in hand, pen scribbling…

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach | Author

Motivational Musing’s: Transpire

How many lessons must we learn for life to become known to us…

Let’s just say, I know what I don’t want anymore, I’ve come to recognize the sound and taste of decent, of going backwards instead of progressing in a forward motion.

I know what peace feels like and how much I want to stay within the center of it. Because it’s home for me.

Have you found your home in you?

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach

Motivational Mindset: Behavioral Patterns

When history repeats itself, then it’s time for a new phase of learning

As a philosopher, I love looking into a picture. This picture has a lot to say.

I see dark heavy clouds, weighted with thoughts. First layer.

But time passes, the sun rises and changes the weight in the clouds, reasoning releases through recognition, through tears. Second layer, the opening of hope.

The clouds release, the mindset reasons through reflection. Third layer. Warmth and peace flood.

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach

Healing Poem

Letting go is loving the very pieces that hurt.

… with reading those words from you,

you have no idea of how they cut into

the flesh of my soul.

but, who was to control what comes

and what goes, I couldn’t force you to

see all that I am, that would take time

and energy.

it wasn’t your fault you know

it was mine, blindsided by your charm

yet, I knew you weren’t ready for me.

letting you go was me accepting

the pieces that hurt,

the choices I made in a moment of

desire, but it felt good knowing

I could and now, here you are again

eight months down the road,

you asking for a second chance.

Motivational Musing’s: Acceptance in Loneliness

Do you resist loneliness so much that it creates desperation

and drives you to lose that part of yourself that’s sane?

For myself, I have been there. Yet, these days I have learned to stop resisting loneliness. Oh, I understand that miserable feeling that swoops in and tries to consume you.

Through time and practice I’ve learned that it’s my mind saying I need social interaction with others. The feeling of loneliness is quite helpful to me. Something I do is monitor the headspace I am in when I feel it,

and what my thoughts at this moment, feelings and sensations, did something just happened, were they tied to people or experiences that evoked these feelings to rise up inside me.

A willingness to stay present in the moment without judgement or trying to change its narrative

is acceptance. So each time I am feeling lonely, I take a few minutes and sit with the discomfort of this feeling. I lean back into a chair, relax my body, and let the feeling transition through me.

Accept it saying to myself: “I feel you and I recognize that I need to take care of you.”

I, then accept that I need to create a social connection with people, family , or friends in my life and follow through on making it happen.

See, when I take responsibility for tuning into myself then I am accepting my role in my happiness.

Hoping you enjoyed today’s message…

Yours truly, Linda J Wolff

Personal Life Coach

Motivational Musings: Saturation’s

How much chaos can you absorb until

you realize that overwhelming desire to change the landscape of your mindset.

I use one word, “Recognition.”

When my soul feels so heavy like a burdensome rock that I have chosen to carry, I can’t bear for another second the weight of those choices and knowledge that what I am doing isn’t working for me.

Listening to the presence of this pain and how much of it has saturated itself into my day, my body, and mindset.

I need to own it, I don’t need to blame another. I made those choices that led me to where I am standing at this moment of my life.

I recognize that nothing will change unless I want to succeed in the next hour, day, and lifetime. This is day to day practice I committed to myself.

I ask you, how are you feeling today?