Motivational Muse: Vow

There’s promise in tomorrow

a pledge that not every day is filled with turmoil.

that the clouds in the sky will break open

shed light on the heart, on the landscape of thoughts

bleed into the darkness and an inkling of light

touches the inner lining of the soul

and show there’s warmth in moments.

— Linda J Wolff

Motivational Muse: Voices

At any given moment your path could change

from challenges to self made choices

from joy to sadness within microseconds.

Yet, what should remain is

the solidity of your faith

the strength in your willpower

aligned with a moral compass

deep in the fathoms of love,

and compassion for others

as well as yourself.

I see paths forged of a

different merit system

and I fear for the narrative of

this world. Yet, I see unity of

hands stretching across vast countries,

a unified voice no longer silenced,

defining the definition of travesties

hatred, greed and vileness.

I read about their voices

an outcry for a different narrative

to their stories.

I am consumed with pride

like a mother who watches her

children rise up in strength.

I am overwhelmed with love.

—Linda J Wolff

Motivational Muse: Fade Like the Sun

The awareness of one’s presence is paramount.

I watch as clouds etch color across
the horizon, and the sun bids farewell
to another day, reflection’s yawn upon
the rippling water, and I am quieted into a
pause, is it possible to just stop, to
drown into paint that bleeds?

Can I shut off the noises from my
smartphone begging to distract me, or
can I stand here in these moments
like the sun and fade into the
peacefulness of a stunning landscape?

Can I remind myself how time is the
gift and the framework for so much
more then this chaos of the world,
and find the quality in a state of
just being present? I believe I can.

Linda J Wolff

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach

Motivational Muse: I Hear Your Words

But, I am no longer willing to validate words that are not meant for me.

No longer to feel shame over an emotion that belongs to you, to your past— your choices.

Most of them are based off of your emptiness. Your loneliness.

I have learned over time about myself, for me too feel shame, is for to remain in the trauma of yesterday.

To walk way and not react to your empty words, is to embrace the beautiful existence of my truest self.

No more judgement.

—Linda J Wolff

Motivational Muse: Practice Like a Spring Rain

One drop, then another. It’s the release, the learning in practice.

Why did I think I needed to hold on to it forever?

Me, the dark rain cloud. Me, so stubborn in the blindness.

Me, with all that heartbreak, grief, and weighted sadness.

One teardrop, a few raindrops, a slighted sprinkle.

See, the sky knows of how to transition, how to recognize that I’ve carried this burden far too long.

My soul, needed watering, the dry, brittleness of my roots yearning for release of darkness — pain. That pain filled with so much anger.

Learning to practice, to sprinkle raindrops, to let go and watch the rainbow’s fill my soul.

Yes, that’s where it is…

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach

Motivational Muse: Opening

Light or joy can only penetrate if there is an opening.

If we could open like a bloom and receive the light of hope and understanding, just imagine.

Linda J Wolff

Closed doors or closed hearts will sit on the dark side of the moon. In a cold, brittle state of mortality.

What a loss how power and greed can make the soul shattered.

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach

Motivational Muse: How Many Times

Another milestone, another step, she found the view from every perspective so worth while, so profoundly beautiful

How many challenges does it take, how many heartache’s and here you are doing life better than you did a year ago

Smiling that smile knowing that in every step of the way there was value gained. You didn’t look back and allow fear to consume you, you forged forward in all that pain.

Oh, how your heart swelled with joy with the thoughts that everything is possible with a little perseverance.

Linda J Wolff