Motivational Muse: Fitting It All Together

Micropoem: I’ve come to understand all the pieces of me, how each singular piece has to fit, and how I align the edges of my reality.

Anyone can walk to a empty beach like in the video above, void of people, voices, barking dogs… yet, to the ones that do, their perception holds a different perspective, a special essence.

For me, I could be the woman wanting to capture a perfect sunset, me with not a care in the world, nor wondering if anyone misses me or what they think of me… me, the free spirit like the bird that soars off into the horizon.

Me, the waves crashing onto a shoreline that silently whispers… come rest awhile, answer top the crest of each wave…

Like, I have written so many times of healing, and how each lesson, heartbreak, loss are the pieces fitting together so I could stand right here knowing that I feel differently and more sure of what tomorrow brings than what I did a year ago.

—Linda J Wolff

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Motivational Muse: An Adaptation

Micropoem: The length of time the fog lingers could determine one’s state of mind.

The length of time in which the fog lingers could determine ones state of mind.

I see the depth of mist in their minds.

I’ve felt that weight. Either the longevity or the quick shift from the frigid cold depths of despair to the way sunlight trickles into places inside the soul. Spreads a warmth and light not ever felt before

like tears trickling from a waterfall of recognition and self-reflection.

God, you know how many times I have fallen.

You know how many times I’ve had to retrace my steps… to learn again, to walk that path far away from the distractions.

In reality, the fog only stays temporarily, as soon as the sun rises it’s warmth saturates inside the moisture, an effect— dissipate and clarity lies on a horizon of a different landscape.

I’ve come to recognize the word transition. How I can shift thoughts and emotions quickly. What a beautiful adaptation!

The thought, the timing… temporary effect. Me learning, adapting to this new change— peaceful.

Linda J Wolff | Author | Influencing Personal Coach

Motivational Muse: Saturation & Transition

Poem & Audio about finding your light within…

There’s something to be said

about shadows and darkness,

there’s depth in its absence of light.

One could say fear or doubt

reside there in those places

like a soul lost on a perilous

journey of bitterness, hate or blame,

I understand how one could fall

into the emptiness of its fate.

Panic or sorrow has a way of masking

the light behind the shadows,

the joy that’s buried,

if only we could draw upon

the power of light that shines

within us, go beyond the

ledge of our fears or emptiness,i

t’s such a fine line to transition,

to embrace our tremendous power.

But, as many have, I pray many

more will find the light before it’s gone.

Linda J. Wolff

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Motivational Muse: This Life

People can only be present in their time.

It’s a hard lesson for us when we force something or people to change that’s not meant to be. It’s one I have learned few times over.

I have stopped myself from forcing someone to change or to love me because I wanted them to change to meet my needs.

It was never my position to push my belief system on them.

My position in life is to manifest my soul to live outside of my own chaos, to lean into the realm of moments and time where I can find peace.

It’s not my position to try to heal them or become the better version of themselves.

My position also is to meet people where they are at, and if I cannot accept that role, then I must excuse myself.

First of all, I want relationships that authenticity accepts me for who I am.

I must honor myself in the present state that I am, learn, grow, and heal in practice.

Where are you at?

Shared Experiences

Quote: Remind yourself that all things balance out, in the end if you are open and vulnerable too it…

My soul is the beautiful essence of strength and struggle, I will practice in understanding, in acceptance of the shared experiences of pain and joy.

God bless and sending love to all.

Motivational Muse: Invisible Distraction’s

I watched as they walked by, looking into the distractions…

Looking into the deep depth of their smartphones. A flower box in front of a restaurant filled with a colorful collection of sunshine. Yet, no turning of heads, no eyebrows raised, nothing.

But, I, too was invisible at times. I, an invisible bloom, no matter how much radiance and color I could exude, they did not see it.

Yet, I was okay with it, cause I had found something in myself they couldn’t see, the brilliance of the power within me.

Those blooms too, existed. They didn’t beg for their attention.

Those blooms like myself saw more, more than a rectangle box to lose a soul into, I felt sad for them. Sad, that there’s a world with so much vibration and life, breathing, a heartbeat outside of their pores.

Have they become numb, diffused by all the distractions?

Motivational Poem: Will You?

Now and then, there’s an inkling of light that bleeds through the smallest of cracks, and hope gets in

There are many good moments left.

Unexplored places, infinite skies.

Amazing experiences, piping hot coffee, and passionate love making.

New loves, and music to dance to and laughter.

I promise you there are many more and I would love you to embrace them.

—Linda J Wolff

Motivational Muse: Making’s of a Life

The Power Within Us is to know

when we get knocked down to get up again, to take each step in life, take it in stride with all its obstacles, and the magic that comes in our learning that life is an adventure.

There may be hurdles and bends to address but, we are resilient enough to press forward with a force that comes from the deepest part of our essence.

—Linda J Wolff

Motivational Muse: That Moment

There’s that moment when you realize that every bit…

of effort you have put into practice from

learning how to love you again feels like

a new seed breaking ground for the

first time.

That warmth of self flooding in

the microseconds of time,

and doubt has been dissolved

and you burst forth through the

reckoning knowing you will rise

up each morning, growing in a strength

you never felt before.

Knowing you can’t be everything for

everyone else, if

you are nothing to yourself.

—Linda J Wolff