Unnecessary Drama | Poem | Linda J Wolff

I will not pretend to

be happy with you

if I’m not happy

with you when you’ve

insulted me.

I will be civil,

hold my tongue,

and wait until

you’ve realized

you have put your

foot in your mouth

and you apologize.

Because there’s a

difference between being

aware of unnecessary drama

and the silence of

positive necessary drama.

Silence is heavier

and more impactful

than words at times.

And it’s amazing how fast

you realized what

you’ve said was hurtful.

unnecessary drama | Linda J Wolff

Don’t Stop at Finding the Best Part of You

What of tomorrow?

Have I taken the necessary steps to

insure my right to be somewhere

that’s better than I am.

Have I recognized my worth as a

woman of true value, and I am

horrified at the prospect of

settling for something less?

I believe I have.

Have you?

appreciation | Linda J Wolff

Wearing Magic. Poem by Linda J Wolff

Wearing Magic – Feeling Alive Podcast with Linda J Wolff [Self-Help]

You might catch your

reflection smiling at you in the

mirror; how happy you are at

that moment.

Don’t try to change this darling,

it’s a natural effect of

knowing something

that others don’t understand.

Deaden | Poetry | Linda J Wolff

toughen under the strain of loss. it stole something from me. used to be so embedded emotionally fall apart completely. but now the rain has found its river bed. of course, love the ones that support me. just struggle sometimes to reveal me. these scars get in the way. used to be so full of strength that nothing could break me. the outcome now. am stronger. and now dream of a future.


-linda j wolff

Red Petals | Poem | Life

wonder why she hides in a garden of thorns? they, and their cutting words, as she in the petals of a red rose. she tells me it was the hardest time of her life. how she had not learned of self-love. a month later. there was no way to let go of the pain. a fragrance. before the mocking laughter of crowds. how the petals had wilted. it felt as though her mind had tossed in the wind.