Manifesting Positivity: Reactions

Manifesting Healing: Reacting is a fine line between happiness or suffering.

Our thoughts control our emotions in which can effect our energy we emit to others and the world.

Someone is reading and listening here is struggling with a tremendous amount of anxiety. I promise you that in the moment you give yourself care and attention and you release this burden.

Your body and mind will feel this heavy weight being lifted from body— your soul.

God Bless You! Sending love and light to all 🙏🙏🙏

Hard Truth: The Disguise of Pain

Hard Truth: Disguise of Color

Like a small monarch butterfly, I’m all colorful on the outside.

Yet, my soul is dark and empty, heavy like rain clouds.

Like a broken winged insect. I come here depleted.

Like a broken winged insect, I was caught in the downfall

and left on the pavement, soaked in grief.

God found me bathed in emptiness, and

He said: ” What has happened to you!”

“My grief didn’t spare me.” I said.

Yet, I know of the warmth of the spirit. It’s like sunlight on

wet, broken wings, like light trickling into the darkness of night.

This matters to me, to know its powerful essence .

The one thing I know, is I will come back from this

fluttering above an opened flower.

  • Linda J Wolff | Author | Motivational Speaker

They wipe tears off their face. Take in a long deep sigh.

Behind the door, regrets are heavy.

And realization that the weight is too burdensome.

The sad strains of lyrics on the radio, a reminder, then they unlock their own weighted chain and release the history of what they were/ and what more they wanted of what remains of this life.

—Linda J Wolff

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Poetry: Happy New Year 2023

2023 Poetry Muse…

I am awake before the new dawn of 2023.

There’s a small hum of people stirring,

cars outside my window, yet, I feel there’s a profound energy

I feel it on the horizon, and I am looking forward to

this new life, and awareness that I have practiced

in the last year.

I haven’t felt this passionate energy in a long time,

see this last year was about me, learning, growing,

and healing. I took my power back.

I recognized and defined what I feared

and practiced in overcoming them.

I journaled what I want for success and purpose for myself

and I implemented a success plan.

I replaced my insecure ego with my values, and prioritized what I from people and myself.

I am taking my power back and in 2023, I will create a transition into a more peaceful and successful life.

What about you? Have you made any new year’s resolutions?

There’s Power and Clarity in Saying Nothing Sometimes

Saying less is like still flowers, beautiful, yet, valuable.

Sometimes, I pull my voice, — my words back to the point of practice, and healing.

Saying less or nothing is powerfully helpful, every thought that moves through my mind isn’t valuable to another. Every emotional feeling does not need the application of being voiced.

I take that time to process a more clearer message, one which is more informed that directs purpose and informed perspective.

My ego doesn’t need to rush in and react to everything, with peace in my soul I move with an intentional peace.

—Linda J Wolff

October Affirmation: Openness

Remain as if you are a bird, open and free to a sky of possibilities.

I have to take value in the lessons, my god, how much they have made me appreciate the maturity level that comes with time.

I am no longer afraid to let go of the people who do not bring depth to this life. I let go guilt free, I look forward to new experiences and building upon the foundation in trust.

How about you? Can you walk away from those who have left you with confusion and mayhem?

Believe me it’s a courageous choice, but it’s so healing.

Love to all of you, God bless you!

Linda J Wolff