Personal Development Series: I Am Deaf to You Now

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Good Morning Everyone! I am Linda J Wolff, narrator, author, and your personal development coach. And thank you for joining me here on this insightful day.!

In today’s episode, I want to talk about one phase. One phrase I wrote this morning as I was reflecting on how far I had come throughout my life.

Phrase: I wrote: I Am Deaf to You Now.

Now in hearing this phrase, I know you are asking yourself questions. What does she mean by this?
Now let me finish by adding more to this phrase.
I am deaf to you now.

I am deaf to the voices that have kept this soul empty.
This time, I will not feel the twinges that ask me to devalue myself.

Dear soul, you deserve better.

Now, let’s dig deeper into each sentence…

Who are we talking about? Ourselves, our soul. Right?
there are several definitions to the word “Deaf.”

I’m going use one in particular. “the unwillingness to hear or listen: not to be persuaded.
That’s the one I am using.

Now, I’ll read the phrase again
I am deaf to you now.


Voices of the past, history, patterns, or behaviors.
this could be drinking, smoking, drug addictions, or anger…

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Personal Development: The Fog of Overthinking

Overthinking is like the fog, like thoughts suspended in an atmosphere of chaos.

Let me explain or listen to The Sense of Self Podcast; Personal Development Tips – The Fog of Overthinking

Let’s think about the fog and what it does to the landscape, think about a forest and how you love walking through the trails. Being able to see for miles from a viewpoint. That’s clarity! That’s the visual or the perspective.

What would happen if a fog fell across the trees and your path and you didn’t have a compass to go back home. Everything would become distorted, you could lose your sense of direction.

In this state of confusion, an overthinking mind is like the fog. It consumes time and energy. It causes anxiety, and distraction. Causes ENOUGH distraction from the things or goals we want or need to accomplish.

  1. Anger can be the cause of overthinking, all that emotion bottled up inside one’s mind, at times it’s hard to see through it. See beyond it.
  2. Stress and doubt can cause overthinking of the mind.
  3. Broken relationships and thinking you have to be the one to fix it.
  4. Outside interference of noise or people

These are just a few things can cause overthink, when we can practice learning to calm the mind, moving ourselves from a distraction situation, turning our phone on vibration or mute. We can then open ourselves to the focal point of our purpose.

Take the clutter out of our day and our though does wonders to our ambitions.

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Personal Development Tips: Fulfilling Dreams

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There is something rewarding in fulfillment, in knowing that you used your time and energy in a way that created success and prosperity for you, and yet, also brought happiness to others in a service or product.

Yes, I do understand the challenges this asked of you, the sacrifices, the level of commitment you accepted. And I am proud of you!

Things I Stopped Doing To Grow My Personal Development.

  1. Arguing with others.
  2. Wasting energy on one-side relationships.
  3. Accepting toxic behavior that limits growth.
  4. Trying to fix others issues instead of fixing ourselves.
  5. Overthinking about people or things I cannot change.
  6. Holding onto people that I have outgrown.
  7. Abandoning the parts of myself, truths, my integrity to “fit in.”

Can you relate to any one of these sentence where we can be distracted from our purpose?

Look back at your life, what is disruptive, what is distracting you and stealing your full potential. and what you want to create, “a dream.”

Make a list of the things or people for yourself that take you in the wrong direction, and I bet you can list a few.

Feel free to drop a comment of things you would like to stop doing to grasp a better reality on the dream you want to fulfill.

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Beyond the Water’s Edge – Spoken Word

Loss, Anger, depression, and acceptance…

The poem “Beyond the Water’s Edge” I shared was an experience of love, of grief and the stages of anger, loss, depression, and acceptance to moving on…

**Beyond the Water’s Edge**

Beyond that pier, where the ocean ripples

across the cloudy remnants of the morning,

I look for you, not where you once stood,

where the planks of rotting wood are weathered by

time and people’s footprints.

I hear you in the sea birds screams

I hear you in the laughter of the beachfront people

I feel you in the dampness of fall

and this woman rivets back to yesterday,

I don’t bring tears today like

the raindrops saturated with heaviness…

I stand here and smile.

I was never given the opportunity to

show you, true love— see, I didn’t care about your

perfectness, it was your scars and brokenness

that makes you perfect, those little imperfections.

I was never given the opportunity to

show you how touch with tenderness is

like a bandage that protects an open wound, cause

I would have…

I was never given the opportunity to

lie beside you and hear the song in

your heartbeats, to capture the wholeness

from the tussles of your hair to the tips of your toes—

to fight back sleep with pillow talk,

cause if I closed my eyes you wouldn’t be

there if I woke.

R and B music on iTunes makes my soul flutter—

a distant memory of you, it seems that

these places are as close as I will be to you.

Like, what I am supposed to feel with

your presence, your hand in mine,

we stand here staring into

the dark graying sky,

yet, inside the sun has risen

with beautiful light and heavenly song.— Linda J Wolff

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Mindset & Spoken Word: Transition of the Wind

It’s in the natural influence of the mind to lean towards opinion.


Just as the wind can bend the
trees, branches, and flowers
fiercely, sometimes we can be
quick to rise to conflict with others.

Let’s normalize, calm down like a
soft gentle breeze that flirts with
time and tousles petals and leaves.

We don’t want the escalation of
painful innuendos to hurt our well being
or someone who isn’t deserving.

There’s something to learning how
the wind moves and how calming a
mood can create an atmosphere of
love and understanding.

—Linda J Wolff

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Spoken Word: How Can I Say No to the Unknown…

Fear could be habit forming if we don’t transition through our emotions.

How Can I Say No to Something I Have Not Tried

I remember my first time.
My first time to encounter the unknown,
when he asked me if I wanted to
walk with the shadows and hike
up a mountain to nowhere.

I was apprehensive, and muttered a
sheepish, yes, but fear gripped the
inside of my chest cavity saying no
you can’t. My breath tightened.

My mind raced with all the what if’s,
over and over. Yet, now I’m obligated.
My pride wouldn’t let me back out,
not now. My curiosity a child seeking
an unforgettable adventure.

July 4th, 2001, I’ll never forget.
A ten hour road trip with him
and my world opened to an experience
that l could never erase from the
inside of my soul.

We put a backpack together with
life, and survival skills, food and water.
Forty pounds of weight in a backpack can
make one lose their balance if they don’t know
how perspectives work with weight portions.

And a one and half foot wide path
up a mountainside could mess with
one’s mindset.

First, I had to learn to gathering my
bearings, elevations, shadows,
and sunlight. Each step changed with
the next, step over a dead tree that is
as longer than the length of your leg. Nope.

Slide over it or walk the full length of
it, one mile upwards and my body
was feeling things.

Breaths were like balloons losing air.

This is the time to sit for a moment
and drink in your surroundings, I’m
breathless and in awe of what my eyes
are seeing, I could feel the
beauty saturate every ounce of
my being, several sips of water
and I’m sitting amongst the clouds.

Linda J Wolff: Life coach, author, and motivational speaker has a newly released book “Introspective “.

Poetry: I fear Sometimes That I Won’t Wake

After I fainted, the raindrops were reminders that skin feels and your soul lives in an unconscious state.

I didn’t know that an enemy wandered inside of my intestines, but, when I found myself collapsed on a carpet of green outside my home in the front yard.

It was my first realization that pain didn’t only come from others, but from microorganisms.

How could something so small steal from you?

There were many days with flu-like symptoms, I don’t remember the day when I found myself in the hospital so weak that words were invisible.

Waking to the nurses rushing around my hospital bed, but I was relieved that I was here.

God was in the grass, the sky, and the clouds that day.

And I was grateful.

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Mindset: Do You Wait For Them or?

I have learned to trust my inner vibration.

Did you know there is someone out there for you? Yep. Sometimes we are in a rush to fill the loneliness void.

Is this you? Jumping from one relationship to the next.

Did you know there is someone who loves the same music, adventure, and communication style?

What if we slowed our pace down, analyze why we find the wrong people. Did you know the gut is a place that signals that a person isn’t right for us?

When I think back to some of the men I have dated. My stomach was upset, I should have listened and paid attention to the signals my body was showing me.

I should have recognized the red flags instantly. I should have recognized the behavioral patterns I was repeated.

It was me, I wanted that feeling of being in a relationship so badly that I dismissed the red flags that were telling me he wasn’t right for me.

I have spent many months tuning into my mental clarity, getting the body in shape, and finally finding my spiritual vibration.

Now, I am home. And when I date, it’s from eyes and a soul wide open, and aware. I know that someone soon will align with my values and spiritually. And it will be beautiful union.

I am Linda J Wolff, life coach and author of Ethereal Glow

Mindset: Be Open to Pause & Change

Free that part of yourself from comparison and create space for understanding.

I am a work in progress. And through empathy, understanding, and forgiveness. I will find my way through this life one step at a time and always moving forward into my greatness.

Release what has weighed down your mentality, and feel the surge of energy rise from your soul outwardly.

Love is meant to be of healing— if we are holding on to pain, we are not living to our fullest potential.

Breathe easy beautiful people, and be kind to yourself.

I am LINDA J WOLFF, life coach and author of Ethereal Glow.