Mindset: Destination Home

Searching for answers begins inward.

Choose a path that illuminates your light. That kind of light that resonates a depth of who you are throughout your mind, body, and soul.

Choose to refuse the voice of doubt; connect with your courage. Do not let the thought of normalcy get in the way of finding you; it’s not going to be easy, challenges may arise. Pull from the inner energy you have deep down within you.

Lean in hard with all the determination, knowing in doing so your mission is bound to great things; bound to creating a force and light of the real you.

What matters is the belief you have in yourself.

Now go forward in this day and bring the best of yourself and watch how your light shines.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker


Mindset: Beginning Again

The hardest part of self-awareness is to begin again.

When you want to take steps to set yourself free from your past, beginning again is the hardest step. And it starts with recognizing you want to change your life.

It is the acceptance that people or things don’t bring you happiness or purpose, believe me, I know.

I found that I had brought many people and many habits from my past to my present, and with each one, I lost my power of living.

I had forgotten about the power and influence of my own well being, my own happiness.

All the people experienced in self-love, gurus of peace, self-acceptance, to freedom in the world couldn’t help me.

Nothing has more power and influence over your entire well being than your own guidance.

Only I could find what works for me. Only I could set myself free through using what God had given me, the trio. The mental capacity to think unique of my character. The magical influences the spiritual realm of God’s love, and a physical entity of my beautiful body.

In that power of influence one is capable of being free and begin again.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker


Dating: The Gift of Missing Me

One cannot be missed if one is always available.

When it comes to dating or relationships, too much familiarity can breed boredom or routine.

I have found that when we are self-confident and we can lead our lives outside the dating scene or relationship realm, we create mystery, intrigue and adventure.

I’m dating a man younger than myself and I’ve learned, I need my own space and time to do yoga, create art, or write poetry for my upcoming book. And he needs his space to live his life.

I’ve also found if we’re in too much close proximity of each other, a division starts to form. He starts pulling away from the relationship, so I have learned to create the perfect balance.

I have learned to lean back for a few days, we sometimes don’t reach out to one another. See, I know and have learned his life skills, events, his work, and of his children.

With all this knowledge, I know when he’s quiet that he is busy with life, and that doesn’t mean I start questioning why he hasn’t reached out. I trust him, and how he feels about me.

When he’s finally found a moment he can breathe and relax, he reaches out and says the sweetest things cause I have given him “the gift of missing me.”

See, if we step back and just enjoy what we can make of our day to day lives, we allow trust, we tell our special someone that they can live their lives without restraint or control. In doing so, this amazing magnetic pull is drawn towards us, and love grows a bond for a lifetime.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker


Mindset: Pieces

Our past is pieces of our life. Some are wanted while others don’t serve our purpose.

It’s so easy to hold onto the pieces of our life that’s comfortable, even though those pieces and patterns stunt our growth. What we are really holding onto is fear.

Fear will paralyze us, and keep us in that place where we can’t move forward, this can be in mentality, in relationships, or our work environment.

And the sad thing is about this is we use so much energy and time staying in a place where we don’t grow.

When we can go forward in the perspective of opening and listening to our mind, our body, and spirit attempting to nudge us to do something different it’s our conscience essential

begging us to wake and learn from the past lessons, it’s when we feel and hear the murmurs of our spirit. And that’s when beautiful things or people will come to manifest themselves in our presence.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker


Mindset: Filtering

We are all capable of filtering what needs to remain and what needs to be removed from our thoughts, or life.

As we move through each day, each month, and year, we should grow wiser and find our purposes. We should recognize and transition into the person whose growth knows how to filter through the chaos of the world.

Also, the chaos of our day, to sort what’s necessary and those pieces that doesn’t serve our purpose of living.

It’s beautiful how things change in our perspective when we can process chaos quickly.

There’s a nurturing effect, a calming presence that slowly creates a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

We think from a peaceful place; the muscles become relaxed, and the spirit feels a surge of renewed energy.

We become reasonable and melancholy. That’s where beautiful things grow and people feel your warmth and light.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Mindset: Recognition

The most challenging thing is to allow ourselves to break down…

When you allow yourself to feel every bit of the emotion, you are going through, you allowing the fear to pass through your mind, body, and spirit.

And hold it temporary, but not to long.

The healing phase recognizes the fear and understands it, knowing its ok to be afraid momentarily.

Yet, we must also reflect what is making us feel like that. It’s at that moment we should recognize that our inner strength is speaking to us to transition to change and nurture ourselves. And that’s where growth is found.

Linda J Wolff | Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Mindset: Trusting the Journey

Every day we can’t know what lies ahead, what purpose lies in store for us.

We must walk in blind faith, and trust

that our day will make sense.

Take the caterpillar for example.

And how it stops eating, and it hangs from a twig and spins itself into a silky cocoon. Within the protective capsule the caterpillar transitions through many phases of growth then to emerge a butterfly or a moth.

We must put blind faith in trusting our choices, and listening to the murmurs of change that create more happiness, joy, inspiration, and love.

We are like the butterfly in some ways. The transitions of thinking differently towards life changes from the childhood, to teenagers, young adults, and into our adulthood.

And each transition stems from the mindset, from your experiences.

I’ve learned to modify my thoughts from a simple place to avoid stressful situations. Through relaxing my body and muscles, breathing exercises, and facing the things that cause me to feel fear or anxiety.

10 Things to Do That Help You to Trust in Your Journey

  • Relaxing the body and mind, and controlled breathing.
  • Visualization, music, meditation to relax.
  • Change your thought process to a peaceful place.
  • Recognizing what causes anxiety and fear.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Eating mindfully, maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Rest, rest, rest.
  • Simplify your day, your life.
  • If you find yourself worrying or overthinking. Recognize it.
  • Have a strategy plan for when you’re feeling anxious.

Cope with life through catering to your mentality, by listening to your body, and unleash your energy.

Linda J Wolff | Dating & Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Mindset: Controlling the Chaos

Maybe this world has consumed enough of you.

Maybe you need to go to that place

that sweeps you away from its grasp.

Maybe it’s recognizing how to control the chaos and being patient.

And knowing when to pull away and find comfort in the soothing sounds of nature, the small things like laughter from others, like watching the sunset and listening to your breath as you inhale and exhale in the silence.

and how you melt into the moment and how you feel when you are there.

Linda J Wolff | Dating & Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Friends. Poem

Knowing you are in there and
I cannot reach you. It pains me.
What shadow has taken you to the
another side of the moon?
They say that scars are mute
But scars have painted themselves upon
your face, and I want to wash them
away with my tears. Because I know of ache,
I know of that throb that weights a soul to darkness.

Just know I’m here in the sunlight
where my arms awaiting your warm, and
that laughter that shines like sunrises when
you open your mouth. And I know if
I’m patient you’ll come back to me from the
shadows fresh and renewed.

– Linda J Wolff