Diffuse | Poem | Life

Diffuse…To spread light through the soul. Diffuse POEM BY LINDA J WOLFF i scattered lilac blossoms at the base of every balcony permeate i told the wind i want to use you i open every window in the apartment complex go i told the fragrance everyone is coming out, whisper, flirt, and no one isContinue reading “Diffuse | Poem | Life”

Resistance | Poem

of all those winding roads I’ve driven you’re the one of least resistance. How is it some people are just easier to get along with? I’m gonna find the ones that make life a joy, the minute they open their eyes in the morning it’s a blessing, it’s sunshine. Even through a downpour they seemContinue reading “Resistance | Poem”

Poetry Book: Infuse It

A long-awaited anthology of life poems. Order now and get a free postcard! ORDER POETRY BOOK INFUSE IT $12.70 + SHIPPING ABOUT THE BOOK Our world leaves us upside down sometimes. Whether you’re burned out or just need a little solace, the solution is wind down time. How do you wind down? I like toContinue reading “Poetry Book: Infuse It”

Scars | Poem | Life

Scar…an isolated mark left in the heart doesn’t have to remain. Scars Poem by Linda J Wolff If the lessons scar then seeds will burst and growth will begin again.   An everyday day reminder what’s down must rise. Growth is in it’s learning and blessing are in its growth. scar upon the mind leftContinue reading “Scars | Poem | Life”

Linger | Poem by Linda J Wolff

She grew roses from the broken pieces of her heart. On a rainy day one could smell her fragrance linger in the air… Linda J Wolff Linda J Wolff is a published author from Washington State. Her work has been featured or forthcoming in Daily Haiga, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Z Publishing House, and Random Poem Tree, Realistic PoetryContinue reading “Linger | Poem by Linda J Wolff”

UnPolished | Life Poem

Unpolished Poem by Linda J Wolff unearthed is the rare find of friendship & love You cut like a rough-edged diamond. Words of honesty and genuine sincerity. I know you mean well.   —what more could a best friend want.   Straightforwardness has always been a a rare trait you’ve revealed.   How can youContinue reading “UnPolished | Life Poem”

Mirrored | Poem by Linda J Wolff

Mirrored | Poem by Linda J Wolff You reflect like a scenic mountainous lake. Wild with beauty and idyllic simplicity.   —a treat to a cynical soul.   Mirrored is the reflection of your tranquil, melancholy through twinkling of eyes and the rippling of your laughter upon clouds. LINDA J WOLFF Linda J Wolff isContinue reading “Mirrored | Poem by Linda J Wolff”