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Episode 1: The Shape of a Cocoon

“How do I rewire the brain after an emotional challenge?”, Bianca asks. I share with her the similarities of a cocoon and the inner child and how transformation takes place.

Therapeutic Art for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Original Black on White Abstract Artwork “Portholes” by Author Linda J Wolff

I created “Portholes” with the thought that sometimes we get lost inside our minds overthinking. We fall into a porthole of anxiety and find it hard to transition to a more peaceful place.

Size: 12×18. Original, this is the only piece. There are no remakes or copies. Suggestions: Use With a Frame with a neutral color matte finish. This will bring out a WOW factor when using it as wall decor for your office or home.

Original Watercolor Abstract Artwork “Placidity” by Author Linda J Wolff

I created “Placidity,” knowing what it takes to remove yourself from the chaos of things or people who could tear away at the quietness of your peaceful spirit.

Size: 12×18 inches. Original artwork. Suggestions: Frame with a dark-colored frame, use a matte finish. Perfect for a home or office decor.