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Episode 1: The Shape of a Cocoon

“How do I rewire the brain after an emotional challenge?”, Bianca asks. I share with her the similarities of a cocoon and the inner child and how transformation takes place.

Welcome to Linda J Wolff.

Cultivation Calm Within Podcast & Rewiring the brain for Success

Find inner peace with cultivating calm within you.

Hi, I’m Linda J Wolff! Cultivating Calm Within.

So many of you know me as the poet and author on Wolff Poetry and several podcast. But, life has a way of transforming us if we are open to it. I might have to say that God had a plan for this transformation.

It’s when I started doing poetry readings on different podcast applications that beautiful people started reaching out to me. Begging me to read spoken poetry and tell my story of why I wrote the poem.

Poets tell of an experience or expression. For me, it was the experience.

And people resonated with my heartache, joy, struggles, and blessings. People started asking for help, asking how I came to be where I am now.

It inspired me to start a live streaming broadcast under the persona of “Dr. Soul Vibes.

I remember one man. He introduced himself to me. He was desperate, he was given six month months to live, to quit smoking.

– Linda J Wolff

I helped him take baby steps to grasp his life back. Day after day with the small encouragements every day and soothing guidance to show him it was all his doing. All his strength.

Self-awareness draws us closer to our dreams & goals.

I want to help you open your heart to love and healing.

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