About Linda J Wolff

LindaJWolff.com is my personal poetry & resource blog, run by me, Linda J Wolff, to show you through my personal journey of self-discovery that defeat is not an option.

Linda J Wolff and daughter Bianca Wolff.
Bianca and I, after we survived the loss of my husband, her daddy!
Who is Linda J Wolff


I am a single mom in my late 50″s who learned to about drowning in sorrow and learning how to survive cause I had a beautiful little girl to raise. Like so many others, we all have hardships and challenges we must journey through step by step, day by day.

I am a high school graduate who took extra curricular course of college level to improve my way I write and speak to you and others.

These learning lessons were a gift. Little did I know the love I had for writing until I started voicing my pain into poetry.

Creating visual poetry. And thus I published poetry book “Infuse It.”

Why I Continue to Write

The real power I found during that time was that I could take control of my life again. Running an online poetry blog allowed me to help others, give them a voice, a visual, and allow me to heal one word at a time, one piece of poetry at a time.