Personal Development Series: I Can’t Stop Smoking versus I Can Stop Smoking

With the simplicity of using the words “I Can”, and small subtle changes, a person can stop the habit of smoking. Take stripping away the fear, stress, and outside distractions from the mindset, and you can find purpose in your true self and live again smoke-free.

Inside the episode of The Sense of Self Podcast: Personal Development – I Can’t Stop Smoking versus I Can Stop Smoking, Linda J Wolff will share her story of how she helped coach a man who smoked for 44 years and his doctor told him he had to quit or he would die in 6 months due to blood clots that were moving to his heart.

What if you could change something within yourself through small steps that would give your life more purpose, would you?

There are two words that are so powerful that combining them with the willingness for change could give you a different perspective on happiness.


Listen to her interpretation and psychology behind the theory of staying true to our AUTHENTIC selves AND HOW ONE MAN OVERCAME HIS SMOKING HABIT.

Linda J Wolff is a Washington State-based writer, speaker, and personal development coach. She is the author of Self-Healing Poetry and Quotes for Ordinary People and Ethereal Glow.


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