Personal Development Series: A Pivotal Moment of Truth

There is a pivotal moment when one should react with a direct response.

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In today’s episode of “The Sense of Self Podcast: Personal Development Series,” Linda J Wolff talks about how dismissing or erasing another’s words or actions does more harm than good to one’s self-worth, to one’s high values.

A Poem: A Pivotal Moment

When the sun rises, there is that pivotal
moment, between darkness and light,
where one can see particles like answers,
filtering, fluttering about the atmosphere of
a bedroom, a mind in chaos, seeking.

As the light saturates every corner
there is a warm reaction when the
eyes adjust to its brightness.
When words or actions shed darkness,
one should react in the directness of light,
accurate and saturated in love.

One shouldn’t forget the authenticity
in how warm the sun feels upon the skin
and inside the soul.

Listen to her interpretation and psychology behind the theory of staying time to our truest selves even if the outcome is to walking away from the wrong person.

Linda J Wolff is a Washington State-based writer, speaker, and personal development coach. She is the author of Self-Healing Poetry and Quotes for Ordinary People and Ethereal Glow.


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