Perception or Outcome

Philosophy Quote

It always begins with that one thought, and how we act upon it that makes a difference or not. It’s in the perception or outcome.

React or Not to React

I read a lot of interesting articles and reviews online and I am concerned, my heart feels sadness when my eyes read the comments that people leave without a thought of the outcome. How reckless some have become…

Comments the cut to the bone, tear away at the flesh of human dignity.

Why is it we don’t think before we speak, before we write words that cause pain?

Have we become numb to feeling any more? Are we so full of hatred and bitterness that there is no thought into our reactions to others?

I might be a dying breed that wants to use every bit of my time and energy creating warmth, love, and understanding in all situations.

If you are a part of this kind of perception, where all your effort’s are directed properly with unconditional support and you are willing to accept what’s outside of your control. Then leave a comment seeded in love

Where do you stand?

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