Personal Development Tips: Fulfilling Dreams

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There is something rewarding in fulfillment, in knowing that you used your time and energy in a way that created success and prosperity for you, and yet, also brought happiness to others in a service or product.

Yes, I do understand the challenges this asked of you, the sacrifices, the level of commitment you accepted. And I am proud of you!

Things I Stopped Doing To Grow My Personal Development.

  1. Arguing with others.
  2. Wasting energy on one-side relationships.
  3. Accepting toxic behavior that limits growth.
  4. Trying to fix others issues instead of fixing ourselves.
  5. Overthinking about people or things I cannot change.
  6. Holding onto people that I have outgrown.
  7. Abandoning the parts of myself, truths, my integrity to “fit in.”

Can you relate to any one of these sentence where we can be distracted from our purpose?

Look back at your life, what is disruptive, what is distracting you and stealing your full potential. and what you want to create, “a dream.”

Make a list of the things or people for yourself that take you in the wrong direction, and I bet you can list a few.

Feel free to drop a comment of things you would like to stop doing to grasp a better reality on the dream you want to fulfill.

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