Personal Development: The Fog of Overthinking

Overthinking is like the fog, like thoughts suspended in an atmosphere of chaos.

Let me explain or listen to The Sense of Self Podcast; Personal Development Tips – The Fog of Overthinking

Let’s think about the fog and what it does to the landscape, think about a forest and how you love walking through the trails. Being able to see for miles from a viewpoint. That’s clarity! That’s the visual or the perspective.

What would happen if a fog fell across the trees and your path and you didn’t have a compass to go back home. Everything would become distorted, you could lose your sense of direction.

In this state of confusion, an overthinking mind is like the fog. It consumes time and energy. It causes anxiety, and distraction. Causes ENOUGH distraction from the things or goals we want or need to accomplish.

  1. Anger can be the cause of overthinking, all that emotion bottled up inside one’s mind, at times it’s hard to see through it. See beyond it.
  2. Stress and doubt can cause overthinking of the mind.
  3. Broken relationships and thinking you have to be the one to fix it.
  4. Outside interference of noise or people

These are just a few things can cause overthink, when we can practice learning to calm the mind, moving ourselves from a distraction situation, turning our phone on vibration or mute. We can then open ourselves to the focal point of our purpose.

Take the clutter out of our day and our though does wonders to our ambitions.

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