Personal Development Series: The Mirrored Response

Think about a mirror, about how you see yourself in the reflection. Now think about the confrontations you have with other people.

Inside this episode of The Sense of Self: Personal Development, Linda J Wolff will speak about “The Mirrored Response” and the impulse reflex we use when someone attacks or confronts us verbally, and how we can mirror the same reaction or choose to come from a place of peace and love.

Do your responses mirror that of the same emotion as them?

The thing is, it’s human nature to go into a response when feeling attacked or let down.It’s easy to succumb to anger, denial, rebellion, bargaining, sadness, or acceptance. or even to depression.These types of emotions trigger impulsive behavior. Like going against your self-worth, and short-circuiting your reasoning power.

High-Value Power Moves

Power Response #1 – Live an Adventurous Life.

A person in “High-Value Purpose” lives life authentically.That means living a fulfilling life of completeness and happiness.This type of life means building & growing amazing connections with friends and family.Getting lost in an exciting new project. Taking on new challenges in trying something new for the first time.Think about the quality of your value system. You want to grow upward learning new things, and experience adventure.Don’t dismiss how you feel in the moment of confrontation,but, no your reaction is everything.

Power Response #2 – Kill them with love and kindness

In everything you say and do, act out of peace and love.When you choose love over anger, jealousy, or manipulation. You show stability in the strength of your high values.Giving love freely should be exactly that. That means you are simply acknowledging that you love and care about your friends and family.

Power Response #3 – Always Know Your Purpose

When you have a clear purpose of what you want in life, you will not allow anything to sabotage your happiness.