Personal Development Series: Opening the Vulnerabilities of Your Soul

You yearn for love, but, will you risk opening your soul to vulnerability to acquire the full depth of its entirety.

You yearn for love, but, will you risk opening the depths of your soul to gain the fullness of what love could offer you.

Inside today’s episode of The Sense of Self Podcast: Personal Development Series – Unpacking an Amazon Box is Like Opening the Vulnerabilities of Your Soul, Linda J Wolff will share a similarity of receiving a package from Amazon and being excited to know the contents of what’s inside as to meeting a person and becoming attracted to another person and investing in them.

RISK versus GAIN 

Let’s say the box has different books inside with heartbreaking stories and beautiful joyous memories, would you risk investing your vulnerability to want to know more? Listen to her interpretation and psychology behind the theory of revealing our truest selves even if the outcome is to walking away from the wrong person.

Linda J Wolff is a Washington State-based writer, speaker, and personal development coach. She is the author of Self-Healing Poetry and Quotes for Ordinary People and Ethereal Glow.


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