Personal Development Series: I Am Deaf to You Now

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Good Morning Everyone! I am Linda J Wolff, narrator, author, and your personal development coach. And thank you for joining me here on this insightful day.!

In today’s episode, I want to talk about one phase. One phrase I wrote this morning as I was reflecting on how far I had come throughout my life.

Phrase: I wrote: I Am Deaf to You Now.

Now in hearing this phrase, I know you are asking yourself questions. What does she mean by this?
Now let me finish by adding more to this phrase.
I am deaf to you now.

I am deaf to the voices that have kept this soul empty.
This time, I will not feel the twinges that ask me to devalue myself.

Dear soul, you deserve better.

Now, let’s dig deeper into each sentence…

Who are we talking about? Ourselves, our soul. Right?
there are several definitions to the word “Deaf.”

I’m going use one in particular. “the unwillingness to hear or listen: not to be persuaded.
That’s the one I am using.

Now, I’ll read the phrase again
I am deaf to you now.


Voices of the past, history, patterns, or behaviors.
this could be drinking, smoking, drug addictions, or anger…

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