Beyond the Water’s Edge – Spoken Word

Loss, Anger, depression, and acceptance…

The poem “Beyond the Water’s Edge” I shared was an experience of love, of grief and the stages of anger, loss, depression, and acceptance to moving on…

**Beyond the Water’s Edge**

Beyond that pier, where the ocean ripples

across the cloudy remnants of the morning,

I look for you, not where you once stood,

where the planks of rotting wood are weathered by

time and people’s footprints.

I hear you in the sea birds screams

I hear you in the laughter of the beachfront people

I feel you in the dampness of fall

and this woman rivets back to yesterday,

I don’t bring tears today like

the raindrops saturated with heaviness…

I stand here and smile.

I was never given the opportunity to

show you, true love— see, I didn’t care about your

perfectness, it was your scars and brokenness

that makes you perfect, those little imperfections.

I was never given the opportunity to

show you how touch with tenderness is

like a bandage that protects an open wound, cause

I would have…

I was never given the opportunity to

lie beside you and hear the song in

your heartbeats, to capture the wholeness

from the tussles of your hair to the tips of your toes—

to fight back sleep with pillow talk,

cause if I closed my eyes you wouldn’t be

there if I woke.

R and B music on iTunes makes my soul flutter—

a distant memory of you, it seems that

these places are as close as I will be to you.

Like, what I am supposed to feel with

your presence, your hand in mine,

we stand here staring into

the dark graying sky,

yet, inside the sun has risen

with beautiful light and heavenly song.— Linda J Wolff

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