Mindset: Releasing What Does Not Fit

Learning to listen with the heart.

Listen with the heart blog post image

Do you ever find yourself tolerating someone’s behavior even though it makes you uncomfortable?

I’m sure you have! Did you know you have the right to react to that behavior?

You have two options.

Option number one. One, you could ignore this behavior and act as if it didn’t happen.

I used to just stuff it down as if it didn’t affect me or ignore it. I have come to learn that I must say something.

Something direct and honest. By speaking up I am embracing the fact that I have boundaries and that type of behavior doesn’t serve a purpose in my lifestyle or mindset of being positive and coming from a place of love.

Or number two. React with anger or be confrontational. But ask yourself, does this solve anything. Nope. As a matter of fact, it only makes things worse.

I embrace honesty. Honesty that best serves the purpose of my life.

If something or someone makes me feel uncomfortable, I evaluate whether this behavior is a one-time thing or if I have seen this behavior quite often. If this person shows this quite often it is time to make choices.

The choice of what belongs or what needs to go…

Are you in this place?

I am Linda J Wolff, life coach and author of Ethereal Glow