Mindset: Do You Wait For Them or?

I have learned to trust my inner vibration.

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Did you know there is someone out there for you? Yep. Sometimes we are in a rush to fill the loneliness void.

Is this you? Jumping from one relationship to the next.

Did you know there is someone who loves the same music, adventure, and communication style?

What if we slowed our pace down, analyze why we find the wrong people. Did you know the gut is a place that signals that a person isn’t right for us?

When I think back to some of the men I have dated. My stomach was upset, I should have listened and paid attention to the signals my body was showing me.

I should have recognized the red flags instantly. I should have recognized the behavioral patterns I was repeated.

It was me, I wanted that feeling of being in a relationship so badly that I dismissed the red flags that were telling me he wasn’t right for me.

I have spent many months tuning into my mental clarity, getting the body in shape, and finally finding my spiritual vibration.

Now, I am home. And when I date, it’s from eyes and a soul wide open, and aware. I know that someone soon will align with my values and spiritually. And it will be beautiful union.

I am Linda J Wolff, life coach and author of Ethereal Glow