Mindset: Be Open to Pause & Change

Free that part of yourself from comparison and create space for understanding.

I am a work in progress. And through empathy, understanding, and forgiveness. I will find my way through this life one step at a time and always moving forward into my greatness.

Release what has weighed down your mentality, and feel the surge of energy rise from your soul outwardly.

Love is meant to be of healing— if we are holding on to pain, we are not living to our fullest potential.

Breathe easy beautiful people, and be kind to yourself.

I am LINDA J WOLFF, life coach and author of Ethereal Glow.

Published by Linda J Wolff

Hi, I'm Linda J Wolff! Dating and Life Coach, poet, and author. I'm here to help you open your heart to love and healing. With the added benefit of soothing poetry.

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