Mindset: From Here There’s Perspective

Step outside of a comfort zone and find a new adventure in the foothills of the mind.

From here there is perspective blog post image

I’ve taken those steps.

Those thousands of footprints in the foothills of time just to come to the same comfortable place.

But, not this time. I’m going to go beyond, that same place. I’m going to forge every step through fear, push myself, fight hard with deeper breathes.

I can see it now, in shaking off the foggy existence of me, peel away a layering, feel a new sense of awareness.

Change this moment, oh the mental view from up here, the transition.

My God, it’s beautiful, how the valley of truth is so empowering and futuristic.

It’s going to be a perspective I will hold myself to, yes, I might slip and fall a few times, but, I’ll never forget what it looks like from here.

I am Linda J Wolff, life coach and author of Ethereal Glow