Mindset: Availability and Emotional Present

I appreciate the person who can not be present and they are honest about it.

Emotional availability blog post image

I started dating a man, and four weeks into seeing one another, he began to pull away.

Our first date was surreal, I had not met someone where conversation flowed like a waterfall. We were so open and vulnerable, and I enjoyed how comfortable I felt around him.

We saw each other anywhere from two to three times a week, and it felt like love was becoming an open bloom.

I felt a kindred spirit of mentality, physicality, and spirituality grow, yet, the more he shared with me, the more I realized he was human and had his fair share of up and downs.

It’s funny how quickly we can attach ourselves to one person, not knowing on a deeper level if they truly are attached as well.

I am an intuitive person. As a life coach, being aware and using my observations I can prepare myself for the inevitable.

I felt a shift in his presence, my first step was to give him space, I knew he had a lot going on in his life, how he trying get the pieces to fit.

Thinking of everything he shared and the honesty of his words, I had to remind myself that he was ready to be emotionally committed to anything more.

I am stepping back into a place where I can show love, support, and understanding. I’m going to take all pressure off the table, cause he doesn’t need to be concerned with that. He needs to focus on doing what’s best for him.

And if he wishes to pursue us further, he can do it when he is ready… Yet, I will remember that there is a timeframe for me. Life is too short, and I go on living my life to the fullest.

I am Linda J Wolff, life coach and author of Ethereal Glow.