Mindset: Cry and Release

Tears of joy or tears of heartbreak. The difference between.

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Tears of Joy. The soul can not help but become full of emotion when the mind, body, and spirit align with well-being.

What a beautiful thing to express that deep-felt joy evoked by completeness through tears. Tears are the recognition. When I have practiced and practice to recognize the triggers, or behavioral patterns that caused me heartache. It’s joy in learning how to process quickly and how the body feels. Fully energized and powerful.

And I have learned to utilize my time and energy in the growth of myself as well as others.

Tears of heartache. I’ve had more than my share. But I’ve learned something from these tears.

I will not revisit them. That’s the lesson.

We often find ourselves tripping over the same behavior patterns and taking them from one relationship to the next. There we are again, crying about the same kind of heartache.

It would help if you didn’t experience this over and over again. For myself, I write and journal my experiences as a reminder to not revisit this pattern.

Writing it down is giving a voice. And a reminder to stop causing that internal war to start all over again. Inner turmoil is damaging to mental clarity and physical energy.

I ask you to please be kind to the mind. And your body will love you for it. Sending all my love to you all. 🙏

I am LINDA J WOLFF, life coach and author of ETHEREAL GLOW.