Mental Clarity: One Life, One Mind

Your strongest asset is you.

“There is no greater validation than the one that begins with self.”

You have only one life, don’t take too long understanding the mental clarity of owning it, living it, and making it the most life-altering experience of a lifetime.


When you can live in each relatable minute, hour, or day. And you take claim in owning it knowing that there will be days that challenge your mental clarity, yet, you know-how to process the emotions that stir inside your mind.

And you are reminding yourself that this moment is only a temporary thing that it will not define you or the day you are experiencing.

Because you know beautiful things like life are meant for creating magic in the vibration of the spirit.

And may you fill laughter and joy erupt inside knowing that you transitioned quietly and peacefully through that challenge.

I am LINDA J WOLFF, life coach and author of ETHEREAL GLOW. A self-awareness poetry book now available on Amazon.

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