Dating 101: Direct Honesty or Rejection

Why do we fear rejection in our dating experiences?

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The fear of acceptance overall stops us from enjoying the adventure of a dating experience. For myself, with each date, I go into the date with the mindset of just enjoying it.

Now, if it turns out badly, I use direct honesty. When you use direct honesty you are being authentic to your well-being.

Let’s say you have found someone, you have been seeing him for a few months, but there’s a behavior he’s been bringing into the relationship, and you feel uncomfortable about it.

The longer you don’t say how you feel about it will cause resentment towards him; your best thing is to talk about it after the second time of noticing that behavior.

Now, if he’s really into you, he will listen and make changes accordingly. You speaking up is you holding yourself to your high standards.

Now, if he is offended and becomes angry, then he is not the right fit for you.

A great partner in a relationship will be sympathetic and understanding. And will not want to hurt you; he will want to protect you and problem-solve with you.

But, you must appreciate a man like that, cause he is rare.

I am LINDA J WOLFF, life coach and author of ETHEREAL GLOW. A self-awareness poetry book.

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