Boundaries | Quote | Linda J Wolff

Good morning lil Wolffies, I am in hopes that you all

have had an amazing weekend!

I did. I found that “Loneliness is only a state of mind.”

After a recent break up with my boyfriend whom I’ve been seeing for quite some time, I thought I needed to fill the empty void of him. But instead, I revived the self-discovery mode of myself.

I took the time to evaluate what brought me here to this moment.

I have made some valuable mistakes, I did not set boundaries in this relationship with him. Boundaries for myself. Boundaries that had to be met with honesty, respect, etc.

I found myself in a relationship with a narcissistic personality. Where I was the one giving and getting very little in return when it came to the emotional and physical intimacy needs in a relationship. Over time I started to recognize the signals.

I’m a believer in give chances to a person. To him. But the chances I offered only empowered him to steal more of my emotional identity.

So I stepped back, and started recognizing where I had gone wrong. The chances had to be extinguished. I filled my days and nights of doing things I enjoy, like artwork, meeting friends, going for walks. Also I researched behavioral patterns.

Also, I now am going to help others to move from breakups to believing that “Loneliness is just a state of mind.”

I want to be a self awareness and self worth life coach. A new mission to turn humanity into a strong force of resilience. To work together strongly for the betterment of self and family. To heal in strength.

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Boundaries | Quote | Linda J Wolff