Motivational Muse: Reflections

Micropoem: Reflective. A mirror that reveals more than presence outside the physicality of its surface.

How many times have I looked at you, I am reminded of the years gone by, I am reminded of all the role’s of changes. Wow, I see the transformation through glass.

Mirrored in the onset of tears. In the glow of joy. Oh, yes, so many times to look back at my past, look deeper inside my soul and now, looking deep into my eyes, peace resides. It shows in the soften presence of my reflection.

I, hear their voices. Voices of the past, I wished I could have held this calm, soothing peace in those trying moments.

But, I had not grown then, grown into this mature state of mind that I have now.

When now, I react quietly, peacefully.

Someone can humiliate me, and all I say is; I’m sorry you feel that way about me!

I understand the narrative of mine own story, yet, there’s nothing I can say or do to help them know me. I’ve come to understand where they are in this moment.

So, this is me passing no judgement or blame. No emotions to rise to any occasion. Peaceful in the mirror presence of my own essence.

Linda J Wolff | Author | Personal Purpose Coach