Motivational Muse: Fitting It All Together

Micropoem: I’ve come to understand all the pieces of me, how each singular piece has to fit, and how I align the edges of my reality.

Anyone can walk to a empty beach like in the video above, void of people, voices, barking dogs… yet, to the ones that do, their perception holds a different perspective, a special essence.

For me, I could be the woman wanting to capture a perfect sunset, me with not a care in the world, nor wondering if anyone misses me or what they think of me… me, the free spirit like the bird that soars off into the horizon.

Me, the waves crashing onto a shoreline that silently whispers… come rest awhile, answer top the crest of each wave…

Like, I have written so many times of healing, and how each lesson, heartbreak, loss are the pieces fitting together so I could stand right here knowing that I feel differently and more sure of what tomorrow brings than what I did a year ago.

—Linda J Wolff

You should check out “Self-Healing Poetry & Quotes for Ordinary People”, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

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