Motivational Muse: An Adaptation

Micropoem: The length of time the fog lingers could determine one’s state of mind.

Micropoem about transition and change in emotions.

The length of time in which the fog lingers could determine ones state of mind.

I see the depth of mist in their minds.

I’ve felt that weight. Either the longevity or the quick shift from the frigid cold depths of despair to the way sunlight trickles into places inside the soul. Spreads a warmth and light not ever felt before

like tears trickling from a waterfall of recognition and self-reflection.

God, you know how many times I have fallen.

You know how many times I’ve had to retrace my steps… to learn again, to walk that path far away from the distractions.

In reality, the fog only stays temporarily, as soon as the sun rises it’s warmth saturates inside the moisture, an effect— dissipate and clarity lies on a horizon of a different landscape.

I’ve come to recognize the word transition. How I can shift thoughts and emotions quickly. What a beautiful adaptation!

The thought, the timing… temporary effect. Me learning, adapting to this new change— peaceful.

Linda J Wolff | Author | Influencing Personal Coach