Mindset: The Spirits Vibration

Mental clarity is recognizing the need for change.

The spirits vibration - quote image

When we can recognize there’s a need for change and be open to the subtle whispers of our mind, body, and spiritual presence.

We can then be open to evolving into the growth of our mindset. We ask something of ourselves to go deeper inside the vibration of our spirit.

Our spirit’s vibration always seeks peace, yet, we find ourselves at war within, in constant inner turmoil; it’s because we don’t listen to the essence of our soul’s needs.

Your spirit will break and fall, time after time, yet, you can rise, evolve, grow, and heal with a renewal of joy in life to start again.


Linda J Wolff, author & life coach. Motivational Speaker

Ethereal Glow: How to evolve, grow, heal, and love.