Mindset: Price of Fear

One can hold their life in jeopardy at the price of being swallowed up in sorrow or anxiety.

Happiness shouldn’t come attached to the label of fear—a pricetag of unpleasantness, sorrow, heartache, and anxiety. The ups and downs of life are unavoidable.

It’s how we react to those moments that can create more tension inside our mind, body, and spirit. It’s possible for the reason to feel more at ease with reasoning.

If we take a step back and understand that nothing last forever and we must live in the presence of moments in front of us unattached to expectation or assumptions.

Happiness is letting go of the control of fear and allowing wisdom to enter your mind fluidly, creating a space of mental freedom.

Sending love to all of you…

Linda J Wolff |Author, life coach, and motivational speaker.

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