Unnecessary Drama | Poem | Linda J Wolff

I will not pretend to

be happy with you

if I’m not happy

with you when you’ve

insulted me.

I will be civil,

hold my tongue,

and wait until

you’ve realized

you have put your

foot in your mouth

and you apologize.

Because there’s a

difference between being

aware of unnecessary drama

and the silence of

positive necessary drama.

Silence is heavier

and more impactful

than words at times.

And it’s amazing how fast

you realized what

you’ve said was hurtful.

unnecessary drama | Linda J Wolff

2 responses to “Unnecessary Drama | Poem | Linda J Wolff”

  1. unnecessary, but it sparked a necessary poem. perfectly written. – tsk

  2. fantasynovel1 – Hello! I am Fa and I'm not a native English speaker, sorry if my English and grammar are wrong… Please Note that NONE of the Art works/pictures in my blog belongs to me. I get them from Google. I don't know who the artist is but credit to him/her… but NOTE that the story itself is my ORIGINAL WORK. Also, I am an Amateur writer so read at your own risk. If you enjoy what I do, please support me on Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/fantasynovel1

    “Silence is heavier…than words at times.”👍

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