Sea of Love | Poem | Linda J Wolff

See how you look at me,

like a lost soul in search of love,

walk close enough

and my breath is felt upon your neck?

Feel the sense of it, how you turn to

capture my kiss.

See how I smile at you, and how your eyes glisten

the cues we take on how to ignite this

moment, this conversation?

Curving smiles, sweet coated words,

our eyes lock on to one another,

continuous and flirtatious.

If a breeze to an ocean, you would be the waves

capsizing and I’d watch as you’d collapse into my arms.

sea of Love | Linda J Wolff

Published by Linda J Wolff

Hi, I'm Linda J Wolff! Dating and Life Coach, poet, and author. I'm here to help you open your heart to love and healing. With the added benefit of soothing poetry.

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