Motivational Muse: This Life

People can only be present in their time.

It’s a hard lesson for us when we force something or people to change that’s not meant to be. It’s one I have learned few times over.

I have stopped myself from forcing someone to change or to love me because I wanted them to change to meet my needs.

It was never my position to push my belief system on them.

My position in life is to manifest my soul to live outside of my own chaos, to lean into the realm of moments and time where I can find peace.

It’s not my position to try to heal them or become the better version of themselves.

My position also is to meet people where they are at, and if I cannot accept that role, then I must excuse myself.

First of all, I want relationships that authenticity accepts me for who I am.

I must honor myself in the present state that I am, learn, grow, and heal in practice.

Where are you at?

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