Motivational Muse: Saturation & Transition

Poem & Audio about finding your light within…

There’s something to be said

about shadows and darkness,

there’s depth in its absence of light.

One could say fear or doubt

reside there in those places

like a soul lost on a perilous

journey of bitterness, hate or blame,

I understand how one could fall

into the emptiness of its fate.

Panic or sorrow has a way of masking

the light behind the shadows,

the joy that’s buried,

if only we could draw upon

the power of light that shines

within us, go beyond the

ledge of our fears or emptiness,i

t’s such a fine line to transition,

to embrace our tremendous power.

But, as many have, I pray many

more will find the light before it’s gone.

Linda J. Wolff

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