Motivational Muse: Invisible Distraction’s

I watched as they walked by, looking into the distractions…

Looking into the deep depth of their smartphones. A flower box in front of a restaurant filled with a colorful collection of sunshine. Yet, no turning of heads, no eyebrows raised, nothing.

But, I, too was invisible at times. I, an invisible bloom, no matter how much radiance and color I could exude, they did not see it.

Yet, I was okay with it, cause I had found something in myself they couldn’t see, the brilliance of the power within me.

Those blooms too, existed. They didn’t beg for their attention.

Those blooms like myself saw more, more than a rectangle box to lose a soul into, I felt sad for them. Sad, that there’s a world with so much vibration and life, breathing, a heartbeat outside of their pores.

Have they become numb, diffused by all the distractions?

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