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Knowing your strength. Poem by Linda J Wolff

Knowing your strengths is what infuses humbleness. Not using your strengths is what infuses behavioral insecurities.


Knowing the truth about ourselves is a game changer. It changes everything throughout our lives. The way we see things, the way things smell, and even the way we perceive things.

We all have that “secret” knowledge. Its there deep down inside ourselves. It’s our thinking and knowing and being conscious of everything.

Our downfall is when we overthink things. When we think we are not good enough, the moment you are born, you are perfect just the way you are.

But we allow ourselves to listen to them when we know better. And that creates our insecurities.

Find the oneness of your mind, body, and soul. Leave everyone out there, stay inhere, inside your oneness and you will be fine.

Published by Linda J Wolff

Hi, I'm Linda J Wolff! Dating and Life Coach, poet, and author. I'm here to help you open your heart to love and healing. With the added benefit of soothing poetry.

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